New radiation concerns on Treasure Island


A new California Watch report finds that recent studies show higher levels of radiation at the Treasure Island Naval Station than had been disclosed.

The report, which says the radiation on Treasure Island is more widespread than was previously thought, gives fodder to environmental critics like Saul Bloom.

The reports say radiation levels 400 times EPA standards for the site have been found, so this is significant, Bloom said.

If you believe the signs in certain clean-up sites, and a new report by the Navy, Treasure Island is practically glowing with much more radiation in more places than a report in 2006 originally said.

It's certainly enough to throw another wrench in San Francisco's plan to build high-rise towers for 20,000 residents on the island.

It may also be a convenient excuse to shelve the project, according to former supervisor Tony Hall. He once ran the redevelopment project for Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Long ago, Hall described the project as an impossible, empty promise of jobs and prosperity. He says the city, state and the Navy knew about the radiation all along.

People "really have to wake up and quit buying the spin," he said. The fantasy Treasure Island spin has been going on for 20 years, and it's "time to tell the people the truth," he said.

The Treasure Island Development Authority did not return calls for comment. The California Department of Public Health said it does not consider the clean-up activities being conducted by the Navy right now on the island to be dangerous in any way and that it will be keeping an eye on it.

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