Girl earns $30K at lemonade stand to end slavery


Vivienne Harr has set up her 'Make a Stand' lemonade stand for 57 straight days. She's on a mission to raise at least $150,000 that will go towards ending world slavery. Harr uses only fair trade lemons for her drink.

"And it's really hard to find fair-trade things. I mean, we're buying fair trade things because, I mean, you can't be freeing slaves and having them to work harder for the cause that you're trying to do to help them be free," said Harr.

In less than two months, Harr has already earned more than $30,000. Much of that is from donations. By the way, Harr has a Twitter account which has 15,000 followers, including pop star Katy Perry.

For more information, visit the Make A Stand website or follow the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest.

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