Product lets you call without a cellphone bill


Smartphones are such a part of our lives now it is hard to imagine living without them. It is not, however, hard to imagine living without that smartphone bill.

"This is costing me nothing. It is 100 percent free," says Nicolas Abramovic of, describing the Freedom Sleeve for iPod. It is a game changer. "It hooks into your iPod where it makes it about the same size as your iPhone and suddenly you can make phone calls, browse the web, listen to music, without paying a monthly plan at all."

How? The sleeve picks up a broadband connection FreedomPop buys in bulk from Sprint and other companies. The signal is similar to the WiFi in your home, but over a larger area. When you buy a Freedom Sleeve you get 1 GB of data a month at no additional charge.

Nice idea, but does it work? 7 On Your Side put the device to the test. Watch the video in the player above to see the results.

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