Fisherman plays big role in rescuing kidnapped kids


Russ Ott Robinette says he was trolling for tuna off Half Moon Bay Thursday afternoon when he noticed a boat sailing in circles. The man onboard told Robinette he was going to Hawaii and needed to buy fuel. The fisherman thought that request was odd, and asked, "Have you been in to Monterey or Half Moon Bay? If not, I'll direct you to the fuel dock and you can go in and get some fuel. His answer at that time was 'no, if I go in there I'll have to stay', which I found really, another red flag went up."

That man was Christopher Maffei. Police say the 43-year-old kidnapped his son and daughter, 2-year-old Devin and 3-year-old Brooklyn, and stole a boat out of the Alameda Marina.

Robinette contacted the Coast Guard who arrested Maffei Friday night.

The children are fine. Maffei is in the San Mateo County Jail. He's charged with kidnapping, parental abduction, and child endangerment.

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