Officer-involved shooting in Concord


Police shot a suicidal man who claimed to be armed. He is only described as a man in his 40s and was transported to a local hospital. His condition has not been released.

Concord police first received a call from a resident yesterday morning that the man was at a home on Blackfield Drive and that he was armed and suicidal. This morning at 8:15 police received another call that the man was back and threatening suicide. The SWAT team was brought in and at some point the man was outside of the house on the lawn asking police to shoot him.

"There were attempts to physically control him, less lethal attempts to physically control him that apparently had failed and eventually one of the officers had to fire his weapon," said Concord Police Lt. Andrew Gardner.

"Was he shot at least twice?" asked ABC7's Laura Anthony.

"More than once is what I'm saying," said Gardner.

Police will not say if the man actually showed a weapon or just claimed to have one.

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