Boy stops school bus after driver collapses

September 20, 2012 5:48:29 PM PDT
An 11-year-old boy is being called a hero today after he safely stopped a school bus after the driver had a medical condition.

Jackson Bonar, 11, was the last kid on his bus coming home from school when, just blocks from his home, his bus driver suffered a medical condition.

"He started curving and he made a strange face and me and started going toward a tree, so I put my foot on the brakes but the bus was still moving so I turned the steering wheel so the airbag wouldn't go out and hurt him anymore," said Bonar.

The sixth grader took the wheel, avoided a tree and guided the bus into a fence as he hit the brakes.

"I was very scared," said Bonar.

The bus driver was taken to Naples Community Hospital.