San Francisco Giants fever reaching new high


You could see the hangover from Monday, Tuesday morning's left-over mess from the slugfest that became a slogfest that, toward the end, looked more like a seagoing adventure or maybe even Marco Scutaro imitating Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption.

It all seemed surreal Monday night but on Tuesday morning, it was back to business as the grounds crew performed a not-so-minor facelift on AT&T Park's 10,000 square foot-infield. Asked if they get overtime, Sr. Vice President of Stadium Operations Jorge Costa said, "They get overtime if they work overtime and they have worked overtime, yes."

Actually, everyone gets overtime as far as baseball season is concerned. It's just about one week from November and the people seen shopping at the Dugout store are not buying orange and black because Halloween is coming. "The wife has got to get geared up now. This is the first season that she's really getting behind the Giants. She's a slow learner. That's why she ended up with me in the first place," Dave Byron said.

How much stuff are the Giants bringing in? They are not saying, but an ABC7 News contact inside UPS says that on Wednesday, they are bringing in an extra 767 jetliner full of souvenirs and memorabilia.

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