San Bruno City Council calls for CPUC president to step down


"It's a disgrace," San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane said Tuesday night, speaking about how he feels the CPUC is handling the aftermath of the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion.

Survivors watched as the City Council unanimously passed a symbolic resolution calling on Michael Peevey, the head of the CPUC, to quit or be fired.

"I can't bring my daughter back and I'm so happy that they are able to stand in front of everyone and support what the city needs," San Bruno resident Rene Morales said.

The city is faulting Peevey for suspending public hearings to determine how much PG&E might be fined and blaming the regulator for poor oversight.

"The City Council joins its residents and Assm. Hill in calling for the immediate removal of California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey, who has failed in his fundamental duty to protect the interests of the citizens of San Bruno and the state of California," Ruane said.

Former Sen. George Mitchell was brought in to mediate talks over potential fines. The resolution accuses Peevey of a backdoor deal to get Mitchell on board.

Now, Ruane wants Mitchell and his law firm to step down.

"We're coming to find out when they came out here to talk to some of the groups that in fact they are representing an insurance company that could be liable for some of the damages caused by PG&E. so we feel his firm has a definite conflict and we do want him to step away from this," he said.

The governor would have to fire Peevey if that is something he wanted to do.

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