Suspect in SF Muni bus vandalism out on bail


At a press conference at the Hall of Justice, Police Chief Greg Suhr briefed reporters on the arrest made Tuesday night of a man charged with smashing the windows of a Muni bus. That man is 22-year-old Gregory Tyler Graniss. He currently lives in San Francisco, but grew up in Marin County. The front windows of the bus were smashed and then it was torched.

Mayor Ed Lee says it will cost the city $1 million to replace the bus. Graniss is no longer in county jail; he made bail Wednesday morning.

Also Wednesday, four of nine defendants charged by Gascon for Sunday night's mayhem were arraigned in three different courtrooms. The charges range from arson to assault on a police officer. Police say they received a lot of tips from the public because of a photo allegedly showing Grannis smashing the bus, which was widely circulated on social media pages.

Also, police released new images of the arsonists caught in the act torching a Muni bus on Sunday. A crowd of revelers turned violent following the Giants' World Series victory.

"We will identify you, we will arrest you, we will prosecute you and you're going to pay for it," said Suhr.

Those are terse words to the people who torched the Muni bus during the World Series post game celebration. Police just released new video showing the two men who started the fire early Monday morning at Third and Market Street. You see a man throwing a flammable object into the bus. Police haven't released the audio for this video, but say witnesses can be heard.

"There's actually people telling him not to do that, that you can hear basically saying, 'Dude, that's not cool, don't do that, put it out,'" said Suhr.

Then a second man adds more flames to the fire. Police hope good citizens will help identify these two men.

Ama Daetz contributed to this report.

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