Deodorant candy claims to sweeten sweat

The makers of Deo Perfume Candy claim that eating their candy helps you emit a rose fragrance. The candy contains an alcohol found in rose oil. They claim it leaves a rosy scent as it evaporates through your skin.

According to the Deo website, "Deo Perfume Candy takes the pleasure of eating a delicious treat to a whole new level! Science and nature have come together to make a functional food that leaves your skin with a beautiful rose fragrance."

Smell scientists, however, are skeptical about Deo's deodorizing effects, "I think we can probably agree that if you eat food with a lot of aromatic spice, like garlic and curry, eventually it will work its way into your sweat and influence the way you smell," said George Preti, a chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. "But no one has actually demonstrated that."

The candy is made in Belgium.

You can try it out yourself through their website

(ABC News contributed to this report)

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