Some Bay Area Black Friday shoppers already in line

PINOLE, Calif.

Outside the Best Buy in Pinole shoppers have their sweaters on and their sleeping gear all rolled out. And because they know it's supposed to rain this week, they already have their tents set up.

I talked briefly with the manager at the Best Buy a little earlier - she says this is the earliest she's ever seen a line start forming outside the store for Black Friday deals. People usually start taking their places on Monday or Tuesday.

As for the people already in line, they say being out here has become as much a part of their Thanksgiving Day celebration as sitting down for a turkey dinner. And claiming their spot in line so early is very much a well-organized team effort.

"They're here, and because we met them, we'll rotate, and I'm gonna go to work tomorrow, and I'll come back and spend the night, and just keep doing that until that time, and then I'll be out here all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," Pinole resident Jouzette Luster said.

Richmond resident Vanessa Velasquez adds, "We saw tents out, so my brother said to get out here because he wanted to be first in line so that's what we're doing."

So what are the big items they hope to get the savings on? Well these people are hoping for a big deal on a big screen TV and the Playstation 3 is the other must have item. But are the savings really worth it?

Some number crunchers say it really isn't because you can get the same deals at various times throughout the rest of the year.

But the shoppers we talked to say it's not just about the deals, it's also about tradition.

In fact there is one person in this line, a 16-year-old who says she's never sat at home for a Thanksgiving Day dinner because this is the family tradition.

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