Vallejo man arrested in shooting death of teen


Family members returned to Robles Way in Vallejo Sunday morning to see where 17-year-old Gary White Jr. was shot to death after a party a block or so away.

"I could never picture myself burying my youngest brother, I could never picture that," said the victim's brother, Leland Harrison. "But now I gotta live with that, you feel me? I have to, and I gotta move on. It hurt, right now, so bad, that don't nobody know. But I'm gonna keep it that way."

Relatives identify the victim as 17-year-old Gary White Jr. They say he was a junior at a local high school, hoping to get a college basketball scholarship.

Just after 3:30 a.m. Sunday, neighbors were awakened by a loud argument involving a group that was outside a house. Among them was the teenager.

One neighbor told ABC7 News, "Next thing I know, I heard somebody screaming, I couldn't' understand what she was saying, and next thing I know, you just hear shots fired, at least four to five, six shots."

Police say one teenager called his father, who returned with a gun, "One of the combatants contacted a family member," said Vallejo Officer Sidney de Jesus. "In this case, his father. He responded to the area and was identified as witnesses as being responsible for the shooting."

Police tracked down 44-year-old Randee Damar Williams and took him into custody.

"We were able to obtain information as to where the individual lived and we made contact with him and subsequently had him come out of his home and took him into custody without incident," de Jesus said.

Police are not searching for any other suspects.

This is the 21st homicide this year in Vallejo.

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