SF man loves his cooktop, but only one came


This two-for-one offer turned into a one-for-two offer. That didn't set well with this San Francisco viewer so he brought it to my attention.

Gregory Bland doesn't just like to cook, he has a passion for it. It is one of his favorite things. So when he saw a cook top on late night TV he just had to have it. It is the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop.

"So I immediately got on the phone, pulled out the credit card and stuff. This is about 3 a.m. in the morning, this is happening. And I go through the process of ordering this item and the deal was buy one get one free," said Bland.

It arrived and he put it to use right away. He likes it so much, he could do the infomercial.

"And it has controlled heat. You just set it at 375 and it cooks that chicken perfectly and you don't have to worry about burning it," said Bland.

So if it works so well, where's the consumer problem? Well, he only got one cooktop. It was offered as a two for one deal.

"I am leaving messages, emails and phones and stuff and nobody is returning anything to me. I am not getting any response from anyone and I could not even get a live person to talk to, so it just made it even more difficult," said Bland.

So he contacted 7 On Your Side, we looked over the information and made contact with NuWave.

"Four days later this thing arrived in the mail. I was just stoked! I was just so, so, very happy," said Bland.

And NuWave told us, "Demand for this product has been high, so we initially ran out of inventory. We now have plenty in stock, so there are no more delays in shipping to consumers."

I would like to thank NuWave for taking care of this so quickly.

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