Alleged fake doctor accused of illegal surgeries back in court


This was the second full day of the preliminary hearing. Prosecutors are calling this case extremely disturbing. They say it's fortunate nobody died from the procedures the suspect was using.

In court Wednesday, prosecutors called the real physician's assistant, whose identify was stolen.

Prosecutors say Carlos Guzmangarza stole Carlos Guzman's identity and posed as a physician's assistant in San Francisco's Mission District. He's charged with a whole slew of criminal counts, including sex crimes and practicing medicine without a license.

The real Carlos Guzman, is a physician's assistant who lives and practices in Fresno. He tells ABC7 News that he's never met Guzmangarza and he'd never heard of him before.

Guzman came to court Wednesday and, for the first time, faced the man who stole his identify. He told us it was strange, "Just total disbelief and surprise actually."

Prosecutors say Guzmangarza performed cosmetic surgery on at least nine women from a small office in a building in the Mission. One of the women testified through an investigator that the office didn't even have running water for Guzmangarza to wash his hands.

And the stories of the procedures have been ghastly.

In one case, prosecutors say Guzmangarza was smoking a cigar while performing liposuction on a patient's abdomen, "He literally had her holding the IV and then when he extracted some of the fatty tissue from her body, he handed it over to her to dispose of," District Attorney George Gascon said.

Gascon says Guzmangarza flushed six pounds of the woman's fat tissue down her toilet. He also told us about another woman, "We had another case where an individual that was having some procedures around the eyes to make her look younger. He took a needle and the needle protruded through the eyebrow and into the forehead."

Prosecutors say that woman got an infection -- a leak from an incision that wouldn't stop, "She came back to try to get some help and he was actually helping her seal the wound with tissue paper and glue," Gascon said.

Public Defender Michelle Tong told us his accusers are lying, "In the testimony that's been coming out are fictional and they're illogical and most importantly, they repeatedly sought and saw Dr. Guzmangarza numerous times for repeated services and sometimes some of the victims even socialized with him."

Guzmangarza's lawyer also tells ABC7 News that her client is a licensed medical doctor in Mexico.

He's being held on $1 million bail. He's also charged with sexually assaulting his patients.

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