San Diego police searching for panty thieves


A surveillance camera located inside the Victoria Secret's store caught the entire ordeal.

The video shows the two suspects enter the store. While at first it appears the two men were just browsing the merchandise, shortly after they approached the display they began their panty raid.

"They went up to a display of panties, it was about 10 feet inside the store," said Andra Brown with the San Diego Police Dept. "The one suspect with the bag opened it up and the second suspect came along and scooped in about 300 pairs of panties. The one suspect with the bag of stolen goods walked out of the store. The second suspect lingered for about 10 or 15 seconds to see if anyone was going to challenge him. No one did."

According to the police, store employees said they hadn't realized they had been robbed until they noticed half of the display was missing.

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