Raiderettes celebrate 50 years


The Raiderettes have been on the sidelines for five decades, but being a Raiderette is more than just cheering for the Raiders on game days. Aside from rehearsals and photo shoots, there are also public appearances and charity work.

Raiderette tryouts bring out hundreds of women, but only a few make the squad.

There have been more than 300 Raiderettes since they started in 1961.

"We were the first, and we didn't know what Raiderettes were and neither did the public," former Raiderette Sandy Denney said.

Denney was just 15 when she became a Raiderette.

"There were newspaper advertisements and flyers that went out to local dance studios and I had been in dancing a lot of years and my friend said, 'Why don't you come over and we'll try,'" Denney said.

Over the years the Raiderettes evolved. By the 1970s the squad was known across the league as "Football's Fabulous Females."

"I got to do a lot of things in those seven years, it was really a great experience," former Raiderette Kristie Turner said.

In late October, Turner and Denny were back on the field as the Raiderettes celebrated 50 years of high kicking and pom-pom shaking.

"To be treated so special, is really my fondest memory," Denney said.

Written and produced by Ken Miguel

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