Bound and gagged woman fighting for her life


The two were found by a passing driver on the 900 block of Brussels Street at about 8:30 Sunday night. Police say the man was in his early twenties and that the female was in her late teens.

The trauma they suffered was so severe, investigators at the scene couldn't determine if they were shot, stabbed or badly beaten. The young man later died at San Francisco General Hospital. The woman is reported to have life threatening injuries and is in intensive care.

Police have yet to identify her or the male victim. They're waiting for the medical examiner to tell them what caused the young man's death.

Police have few, if any, leads. Officer Albie Esparza said police don't know if the two were targeted or if this was a random attack, or if perhaps this brazen act was a way to send a message to someone.

"It's a possibility that this occurred somewhere else and they were simply dumped in the street on Brussels," he said.

Whoever was responsible could have dumped the two at sprawling McLaren Park, which is just blocks way. If they didn't want their victims found, it would have been a perfect place.

Instead, the assailant or assailants chose a neighborhood that has two fairly well traveled streets. It's also sandwiched between the Hunters Point Housing Development and the Sunnydale projects down the hill -- two areas that resident Jim Cline says have had their share of crime.

"So there's some overflow of violence. There was recently a killing on San Bruno Avenue that's related to some gang problems in Sunnydale," said Cline, who lives on Brussels Street.

"I never leave the house at night when it gets dark because it's kind of dangerous," said Natividad Kordzien, another Brussels Street resident.

Investigators hope that once doctors stabilize the young female victim they can actually ask her what happened and that might provide some leads. But so far they say they have very little to chase.

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