Sony to give fans new experience at Santa Clara stadium


The 49ers have always said the new Santa Clara stadium would offer the latest in high-tech innovation. Sony will now help bring that vision to life.

"This partnership with Sony represents a piece of this puzzle and they will be a huge partner in helping us build the technology and building out that fan experience," said 49ers Chief Sales Officer John Vidalin.

Fans will be watching replays and other content on 4,000 LED monitors. There will be at least 2,500 of them throughout the facility offering a resolution that's four times higher than standard HD. One 84 inch 4k version recently became available at the Sony store in Palo Alto and you can see where some of the features could lead.

"This is a 3D television so you have the option to run 3D content, let's say a video game or a blue ray movie, and put on our passive 3-D glasses an really have an immersive effect," said the Sony sales associate Justin Mimieux.

The 49ers say state-of-the-art infrastructure and a software-driven network will connect fans in ways they never thought possible.

Mobile technology means there's no need for a monitor in the back of every seat. It is B.Y.O.D. or bring your own devise. Not only can fans use social media, but unique programs and aps will let you order food and have it delivered to your seat or maybe join in an organized stadium wide chant.

"A game day experience that is so value added and so different, so differentiated, that it attracts events like the Super Bowl, not just once, but have it on a regular rotation for a Super Bowl," said Sony spokesperson Ray Hartjen.

The 49ers say the partnership with Sony and all of its music, movie and entertainment programs is a natural fit and a big win for fans.

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