Facebook, apps offer last minute gift options


Last minute shopping is not for the faint of heart. So if you're a procrastinator who also happens to be lazy and cheap you might just fall in love with an app called Wrapp.

"Sephora $5 gift card, H&M $6, so you can see these are all free gift cards," Wrapp co-founder Greg Spector explains.

Free as in you don't have to pay for them. They are basically coupons that you can wrap up and send as a gift.

"It does make it really easy for people to give gifts at the last minute, or you know, at a distance," Spector said.

You can go with the free gift or add to it using a credit card and send it to any of your Facebook friends.

It got Lisa Tarter out of a jam.

"I've gifted many holiday gifts this season, actually three today using Wrapp," she said.

But now there's another company that wants a piece of the social gift giving action, and they've been stealing an awful lot of Wrapp's attention lately.

A few weeks ago, Facebook went live with Gifts and covered their own site with ads for it.

It's getting good reviews from users like Phillip Orzoco.

"Seeing all the items that they offered, I also found other perfect items for other friends; so the biggest problem was keeping within my budget," he said.

Orzoco is sending physical gifts that won't arrive in time for Christmas. But at least Facebook sends a nice little message to say they're on the way. Procrastinators can't have everything.

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