Fremont police chief retires after 20 years


Craig Steckler has a passion for police work, staying on the job nearly 20 years after he was first eligible for retirement. Steckler has worked for the police force for 45 years and is scheduled to step down Dec. 30.

He became Fremont's police chief in 1992. Now at age 68 he says it is time to call it quits and looks forward to spending more time with his wife, Casey, and their 10 grandchildren.

Former Fremont Mayor Gus Morrison says, Steckler is quote "a leader in his industry that reflects well on us."

Union City's police chief says Steckler has been called "the godfather of Bay Area law enforcement" because of his wealth of knowledge.

Officials say, Steckler plans to work for Fremont police during a four-month transitional period, in which he will serve as a special assistant after he retires.

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