Police arrest man accused of setting woman on fire


Police were looking for Oliver after a young woman was found Sunday at Hollister Avenue and Jennings Street with severe burns.

Starr Lamare's sisters said Monday morning that family members had not been in to see her yet, but were waiting for more relatives to arrive from Sacramento as they tried to brace themselves emotionally for an afternoon hospital visit. They were told to expect that she could remain at the hospital for four to five months.

"We just kept talking about it all night, everybody. It was hard for us to go to sleep," Jolissa Craig, Lamare's sister, told ABC7 News. She said this has been so tough to deal with she hasn't even been able to bring herself to visit her sister. Lamare was set on fire Sunday and was hospitalized with burns to her face. Witnesses, relatives, and police believe her boyfriend, Oliver, is to blame.

On Monday morning, Lamare's family was shocked when Lamare's mother received a phone call from Oliver's grandmother. "Just grandmother saying that she trusted him, she let him stay in the house and she fed him, and that why would he do something like that to her baby. And, I guess the grandmother tried to defend her grandson and my mother wasn't hearing it," said Precious Craig, Lamare's sister.

They also think the grandmother is trying to get an update on the investigation. They called police and reported the call.

The family was confident he would be found and they had hoped he would be taken alive. "Death is too easy to get out of. You burned my sister alive. You stood there and you poured gasoline on her and you set her on fire," Jolissa said. "Death is too good for him. He needs to sit in jail and think about what he did."

Lamare has three young children. Her relatives are worried that her 5-year-old son may have seen her when she was on fire. Although they say that if he did, he has not said anything.

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