Machete-wielding woman catches robbery suspect


A few weeks back, Teryl Parnell woke up from a deep sleep only to find a man on her couch, sound asleep, with his feet up. She woke the man, told him she was going to get some coffee and then came back and confronted him with a machete.

"'You need to sit right here. You need to sit right here and you're going to wait for the cops, you're going to jail.' I was like, 'No son, you're staying, you're staying right there.' And I was like, 'And don't try to get up or nothing because I've been nice to you up until this point,'" said Parnell.

Deputies showed up and put the cuffs on 25-year-old Christopher Weaver. Parnell took a picture with her cellphone of the damaged sliding glass door that he broke.

They say the man broke into the house and had collected a stack of valuables. He even ate some of her Chinese food before he dozed off.

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