Thieves target apartment buildings to steal mail


Apparently culprits got into the apartment building twice last week, prying open the mailboxes in their lobby.

Tonight, a federal investigator has been assigned the case. And building managers are hoping video of the break-in might help catch the robbers.

From two different angles, surveillance cameras got images of the crime in progress.

According to the building management, two men worked together on the break-in. The mailboxes for all 32 residents were pried open and the thieves made off with bags full of mail, including some packages.

Some residents are worried that documents like W2's could have been taken and may be used to steal their identities.

A spokesperson for the landlord, who did not want to use his name, said they are also dealing with getting the mail to residents after damage to the mailboxes which he says the post office is responsible for fixing.

"They haven't changed the locks on the box and they're the only ones that are able to do that," said the landlord's spokesperson. "So, at present, the resident manager of this building has to personally take the mail and distribute it to each of the tenants."

There are still clear marks on the mailboxes from the break-in.

Mail theft is a federal crime. And according to the U.S. Postal Inspector's office, an investigator has been assigned to this case. They are hoping that anyone who happens tor recognize the two men in the video will call San Francisco police or the U.S. Postal Inspector's Office so they can make an arrest.

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