East Bay SPCA breaks ground on new clinic


The 5,000-square-foot stand-alone clinic will be built next door to the current facility at 8323 Baldwin St., East Bay SPCA spokeswoman Laura Fulda said.

It will boast three surgical rooms -- including one specifically for dental procedures -- three prep rooms, known as wet tables, and separate lobbies for cats and dogs, Fulda said.

In the current facility, which was built in the 1950s, there is one surgical room, one wet table and the lobby is for all animals, she said. Fulda said all dental surgeries currently have a two- to three-month wait. That wait will be virtually nonexistent in the new facility, she said.

The new clinic will be more state-of-the-art, with modern equipment, Fulda said.

"It will be a better layout, have better flow and be a better environment for everyone," Fulda said.

In 2012, more than 8,000 cats and dogs were examined at the clinic; more than 20,000 animals were vaccinated; and about 1,750 surgeries were performed, Fulda said.

Construction on the clinic is expected to be completed in eight to 10 months, Fulda said.

In addition to the new clinic, the animal shelter will go through a several-phase renovation, expected to take 12 to 18 months, Fulda said.

Right now, the shelter and veterinary clinic are in the same building. After construction wraps up, the clinic will be moved to the new building, and the shelter will be expanded within the existing building.

Part of the renovation involves adding new holding space for dogs and cats, as well as rooms for dog training classes and community meetings, she said.

Adoptions have steadily gone up over the past two years, and Fulda expects a further increase in 2013.

In total, the renovated shelter and clinic will encompass 26,000 square feet, a significant upgrade from the current 19,000-square-foot facility, she said.

The entire project costs a total of $9 million, Fulda said.

Fulda said the changes will allow the organization to hire more staff.

"There is a huge demand for our services," Fulda said. "Every day we are booked full."

A groundbreaking ceremony was scheduled for 11 a.m. today. Speakers at the event were slated to include East Bay SPCA Executive Director Allison Lindquist and Pet Food Express CEO Michael Levy.

The East Bay SPCA will remain open during construction.

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