49ers fans cash in on $49 tattoo deal


If anyone questions the length, depth, breadth, or far-flung devotion of San Francisco 49ers faithful, they should visit the Fat Cat Tattoo Parlor in Carmichael, near Sacramento, and take advantage of Tommy Garcia's generous offer -- the $49 49ers tattoo.

"Normally if you came in, a tattoo like this would cost $200 dollars," Garcia said.

Yvette Montoya chose one as a gift from her daughter, Salena, a new twist on togetherness.

It's not the first time Fat Cat Tatoo has run this offer. Last year they had it, beginning just two days before the NFC championship game and had 30 takers. This time, they have almost two weeks.

Granted, it's fairly basic work compared with some of the illustrations that come out of the shop, but any tattoo on anyone becomes a statement that lasts a lifetime.

"It's not about one game, it's my whole life," one fan said.

Anybody can wear a hat and jersey, but it takes a real fan like Brian Rea to etch the logo into a forearm.

"No, you got to go all the way," he said.

So maybe that's the fine line between being a fan and a fanatic, of saying you're faithful or putting it in writing.

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