Suspect injured in officer-involved shooting in Dublin

DUBLIN, Calif.

The incident was over in just two minutes. It started with a call from a father who was concerned that his 28-year-old son was acting strangely. The man came out holding a large knife and the officer opened fire, hitting the suspect at least once, in the arm.

Authorities say law enforcement had been in minor contact with the man before. "He does have some assault history, and some threatening behavior history, and possibly some mental history," said Sgt. J.D. Nelson with the Alameda County Sheriff's Department.

"When the deputy got here, it was very quick, within two minutes from the time he got here, he was confronted by the suspect with a very large 12-inch Rambo-style knife, charged at the deputy, the deputy fired. The suspect dropped the knife and the deputy was able to take him into custody," Nelson explained.

The school was never affected by the incident despite being just a short distance away.

The deputy fired more than once, but it's unknown how many times the suspect was hit. "He's been on 8 years. He's a very well-respected deputy and he was confronted with a very difficult situation, someone coming at you with a Rambo-style knife, and he took immediate action, and was able to render the suspect into custody," Nelson said.

The investigation into why the man charged deputies continues.

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