Oakland officer wounded in shooting


In this latest shooting, police say a Camaro ran a stop sign and was broad-sided by a Chevy Impala at the intersection of East 12th Street and 47th Avenue. Witnesses say the driver of the Camaro didn't have any identification and he was behaving erratically. They say he tried and failed to open the door of a passing car, then left the scene on foot.

"During the course of that investigation, the officer heard several gunshots, several blocks away," said Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan.

Two officers left the crash scene and headed toward the gunshots.

They were confronted by a gunman who shot one officer in the leg, then ran away. The police caught up with him two blocks away.

"At that time one officer fired his weapon at the suspect. They did not hit him. The suspect immediately surrendered, dropped the gun, and was taken into custody," said Jordan.

A witness says that initial gunfire happened when a man matching the description of the hit-and-run driver shot at him after he refused to let the man take his bike.

"And to have the audacity to shoot at one of our officers, this tells you the level of violence we're dealing with. And we're going to do everything in our powers to put an end to this," said Jordan.

The injured officer is being treated for a leg wound at Highland Hospital, where fellow officers, gathered Friday night.

Jordan says he is determined to end this wave of violence by sending a clear message. He plans on working with the district attorney to make sure these criminals get the maximum sentence possible.

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