Kevin Collins' mother feeling mixed emotions


Ann still keeps the pictures of her son Kevin close. Looking at them reminds her of happier times. "Just a typical little boy, fighting with his brothers, loved to play board games," she said describing him. Kevin went missing in 1984. Ann and her family have been looking for answers ever since.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ann learned police had searched a home in San Francisco in connection with Kevin's disappearance. During that search, remains were found under the concrete floor of the home's garage.

"It turned my world upside down yesterday. It was really close to home. I thought 'Oh, this could be it,'" Ann said. But hope for answers would soon be replaced by the familiar feeling of disappointment. According to information given to ABC7 News, those remains may be animal bones and there will be no definite answer until a state lab looks closer.

Kevin's brother Brian said he doesn't think his brother's remains were found. "After you find out it turned out to be nothing, then it's kind of upsetting," he told ABC7 News.

Ann didn't know what sparked new interest in Kevin's missing person's case but she is encouraged by any development that may provide answers, keeping in mind other high-profile cases of missing children like Kevin.

"When Jaycee Dugard was found, I was absolutely thrown for a loop. I could not believe that. I thought all these years I've deserted Kevin because I didn't think he's alive. Maybe he's alive out there somewhere. I just really went through hell over that," Ann said.

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