49ers fan fever going strong in Santa Clara


The new 49ers home will attract tens of thousands of people to Santa Clara's restaurants and bars. It will also mean that longtime fans like Bob Schikore won't have to travel as far for a game.

"It takes me an hour to drive up and an hour to drive back from Candlestick so this way I get to take the light rail and we're all set," he said.

Brandon Gojenola likes the idea of a home town team.

"I'm ecstatic, you know, I've never had a team in my home town besides the Sharks and it's phenomenal that my favorite team in the Bay Area is going to be just down the street," he said.

Local businesses are looking forward to the revenue these fans will bring them. C&J'S on Lafayette Street is luring Super Bowl fans in on Sunday with free food. Bartender Jonathan Goodell says he's already seen an uptick in fans.

"49er fans have been all over the place recently and in here I've seen nothing but red," he said.

And that means black at the register.

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