Florist helps show customers proof of delivery


When sending flowers we all have the same concern: that what we bought and paid for isn't what actually arrives.

"They show up and they are wilted and it looks like you don't care. That's a problem because I did care. I sent the flowers in the first place," said Ted Maider of San Francisco.

Finney: Have you ever received any flowers that were lousy?
Brittney Garcia of Martinez: Yes. I put them in a vase to be nice.
Kimberly Hallowell of San Francisco: You don't really get the same kind of feelings from them. It's like, that's kind of cool.
Finney: Do you feel like the person who sent them got ripped off?
Hallowell: Yes, definitely.
Garcia: Definitely thought that. Yeah.

All the websites show pretty pictures, but how do you know what was actually delivered? 7 On Your Side found a way with a photo confirmation. It's a unique service offered by Ilya and Jane Shayn of San Francisco's Jane's Roses.

"It works very well for both, for us that our client is happy and for the client that they have whatever they ordered and they know they did not waste money and they're happy," said Shayn.

When Ilya makes the delivery, he gives the recipient the flowers, then a camera is brought out and a picture is taken of the flowers and the person receiving them. It is a fun moment to capture.

The photo is emailed to the sender, allowing the sender to get in on the fun and make sure they get what they paid for.

"That is so cool, that is very smart. A lot of time I buy flowers for my Mom back home and I will have her take a picture for me and it is never what I want it to be. So this is really, really neat. That's a really cool service," said Michelle Vesely of San Francisco who received flowers.

"I am surprised no one was copied the service from us. I don't know why, but nobody does," said Ilya

I did an Internet search and only found a handful of florists offering a similar service. Among them, one was in Indianapolis, another in Pensacola, Florida and another in Alberta, Canada. No doubt, there's others I didn't pick up on. I do hope other florists pick up on this. It is great consumer protection.

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