Macworld 2013 explodes on the scene


There was an iPhone app called "Jam," developed by one of the companies vying for attention.

You'll see everything from pro camera products to solar charging devices and $2,000 tele-presence robot that uses an iPad, giving you eyes and ears anywhere in the world.

There are apps for the aspiring animator, including one featured on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The apps and the accessories that are the stars of the show, but for decades, it was Apple's own innovations that took center stage at Macworld.

Two decades ago, Apple used Macworld to launch the Newton, its biggest failure ever. However, many years later, the company introduced its biggest success, the iPhone.

Professor and analyst Paul Saffo remembers when Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs used to unveil life-changing products in charismatic keynotes. "If you look at the history of Apple, when Steve's at Apple, it does great, when Steve leaves it gets into trouble," Saffo said. "Steve comes back, it does great. Steve just left the house."

For now, the big innovators might just be the little guys.

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