Missing 13-year-old girl found dead in Fairfield park


I just got briefed from a Fairfield police sergeant who says they do not have a suspect, but they are looking through a lot of surveillance video.

The 13-year-old was discovered Friday around 6 a.m. According to the man who found her, the girl was naked, slumped over, and her skin was very cold.

Eric May tells me there were no signs of trauma and there was no blood. In fact, he thought she was a mannequin and that someone was playing some kind of cruel joke.

"It looked like she was just dragged out of her car and thrown there, like a bag of trash" May said. And it made me sick once I realized that that was a human being and that was a body."

Fairfield resident Olivia Griffin added, "It's heartbreaking to know a teenage girl could end up dead in a park here."

This whole thing has really affected this community.

Police are purposely not releasing too many details because of the girl's young age. They say they will not confirm her name or how she died.

We do know she was a seventh grader at Green Valley Middle School in Cordelia, and her foster parents reported her missing Thursday after school.

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