Hollywood celebs entertain at Pebble Beach Pro-Am


Professional golf tournaments are normally staid affairs where everyone is supposed to be quiet, there's little or no interaction between the fans and the players, and certainly no screaming. But on Wednesday, all of that was okay.

Though there were some seriously good shots hit by the likes of Darius Rucker and Kenny G, the real goal of the day was to have some fun and raise some money for charity.

It was also a day for autograph seekers to pick up a few from their favorite celebrities, and there were even a few screams when stars like Josh Duhamel and Carson Daly showed up.

Ray Romano didn't draw as many screams, but that's okay. He knows playing Pebble Beach is the stuff of dreams, even if his game isn't quite where he'd like it to be.

And then there's Bill Murray, really the face of the AT&T Pro-Am. He's a guy who can not only hit a golf shot, but also share a laugh with just about anyone, just about anything.

"You were lost here, sitting crying, weeping," joked Murray. "And I asked if anyone was looking after you and then this fella showed up to take you back to your house, your home. You have a home I'm sure."

For the record I was not weeping, I was sitting by the ropes. Murray came up to me, put my chin in his hand, asked me if I were a lost child. If it sounds nonsensical, it was. But that's basically what he does, and that's why everyone here loves him.

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