Three shot in Vallejo during home invasion


The two armed men kicked in the front door of the residence at 3:40 a.m.

"It's crazy especially right here, out of all houses," said neighbor Angel Ramos.

Police, neighbors and relatives are all asking -- why this house? De Troung is wondering if it's because of a purchase his brother recently made.

"My brother did buy the best TV a couple of weeks back, it cost about $3,000. That was the most expensive thing he bought recently," said Troung.

The three people inside were all taken to the hospital.

The daughter who is about 19 or 20-years-old was the first to come face to face with the men. She was shot in the finger.

"The second homeowner to confront the suspects was a male in his 20s. He was shot in the face," said Vallejo Police Dept. Lt. Kenny Park.

And then their mother was shot in the hip. Detectives have spent the morning trying to find a motive, but so far have not found one.

"I'm not sure exactly why they were specifically targeted, but at this point we are treating it as a random act," said Park.

"We don't have problems with anybody," said Troung.

The dad in the family was away at work when the shootings took place.

The shooting victims are all expected to recover.

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