Authorities still searching 'house full of bombs'


The man living there, 45-year-old Everett Basham, made a threat against a public official in Sacramento. There was strong indication Wednesday that the identity of the official was State Senator Leland Yee from San Francisco.

Yee's office said they were briefed by the CHP about a specific threat related to Yee's position ending gun violence. Yee did not comment.

All through the day Wednesday, CHP inspectors hauled away computers and what might be garbage to anyone else.

"It was kind of an eye-opener when we got here. We didn't really expect to find what we did initially," said CHP Officer Sean Kennedy.

Highway Patrol served a search warrant on Basham on Tuesday. They found a concealed gun, explosive materials and unknown chemicals that they disposed of on the front lawn late Tuesday night, causing a blast that shook the neighborhood around Humbolt Avenue and Moraga Street.

Little is known about Basham, although on Wednesday it was revealed that Basham at one time worked directly with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

There's an endorsement from Wozniak on for Basham. "Everett is about the brightest and most generally skilled engineer I have ever met," it reads. It goes on: "Everett is never dull and that keeps the rest of us inspired with forward product- and design thinking."

Wozniak tells the Bay Area News Group that Basham is a "brilliant engineer" who constructed electronic devices at home, and what the CHP is calling explosives might be just cleaning solvents used in making those devices.

Investigators spent Wednesday bringing out evidence, including what they call a "usable bomb" they plan to detonate on Thursday in a bomb squad trailer to contain the blast.

Basham lived in the house with surveillance cameras, radio towers and satellite dishes.

"He was always looking at them and adjusting them," said neighbor Sal Chabarria. "He kept to himself a lot."

"He would wear army fatigues," another neighbor said.

But what did he keep inside and out back? Quite a lot apparently, piles of it. For a while, the CHP worried about booby traps.

The CHP is going through every box and drawer in the house and transporting those items back to Sacramento as evidence.

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