Police officer-owned homes burglarized, guns stolen


Police say getting these burglars is a very high priority for them. They don't have specific evidence that the burglars are targeting the homes of police, but everyone knows, the burglars included, that there is a high likelihood that firearms could be found in those residences.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 25 burglaries in Brentwood, almost twice the number during the same time last year. They've stolen jewelry, electronics, and most disturbing of all, firearms.

"They have been sporadic throughout the city and the times have been sporadic as well," said Sgt. Walter O'Grodnick with the Bentwood Police Department, adding that out of the 25 burglaries, three have been in the homes of police officers. The intruders hit the jackpot in one of those homes. "There was a safe that was taken. There were a number of firearms again, that were stolen in that incident, unfortunately," O'Grodnick said. Police found the safe, but it was empty.

Residents tell ABC7 News that Brentwood is a safe quiet town, but many have noticed a spike in home burglaries. Peter Foster was not surprised that cops are among the victims. "When I first moved out here, there was a high percentage of teachers and police officers who just live out here, in general, because it's a nice affordable community live in," he said.

Neighbor Charlie Jackson says robbing cops is not smart. "They're looking for firearms and pistols, which creates a really dangerous situation for everybody and a dangerous situation for the burglars themselves because you can obviously get shot," he said.

Brentwood police say they are chasing some solid and promising leads. In fact, detectives met Wednesday evening to discuss some of that new information, information they hope leads to some arrests.

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