Maserati driver killed in Las Vegas drive-by from Oakland


Kenneth Cherry, 27, also known as "Kenny Clutch" died of gunshot wounds. ABC7 News spoke with his father, Kenneth Cherry Sr., on Thursday. He is devastated over losing his son and on Friday he will have to go to Las Vegas to bring his son's body back home to Oakland.

"This is something that you never really, really ever want to experience as a parent... to lose a child," said Cherry.

Cherry is mourning the death of his son. He was shot to death early Thursday morning on the Las Vegas Strip. Cherry had been driving a grey Maserati when he and a friend came under fire.

"This morning the occupants of a black Range Rover opened fire on the occupants of a Maserati," said Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

Cherry was killed. His Maserati went through an intersection and hit several other cars.

"One of those vehicles which was a taxi cab, the taxi cab subsequently caught on fire and exploded," said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sgt. John Sheahan.

The taxi driver and his passenger were killed. The people in the Range Rover drove off. Detectives, called Cherry's dad to tell him what happened. He says police have been extremely helpful.

"It's a big thing and Las Vegas is not going to stand by and let this go by," said Cherry.

Cherry's son, was an aspiring rapper, going by the name Kenny Clutch. In a music video posted on YouTube, Cherry is in a Maserati on the Vegas Strip, just like he was Thursday morning. In another video, you see drugs and guns, but Cherry's dad insists his son was not armed.

"My son did not have a gun. I want to get that clear. There were no guns in the car with him and his friend. This was all over some hearsay," said Cherry.

Police believe an argument at the valet stand of the Aria Hotel led to the shooting.

"This gun issue we have in the United States, something has to give," said Cherry.

Cherry's godmother, Ramona Wilkins, agrees.

"I'm concerned with this black-on-black male crime. We have gone over the top with it and I don't know what it's about because, for the most part, we should not be killing each other," said Wilkins.

She would like the people responsible for killing her godson to surrender.

Police are still looking for the shooting suspects.

Cherry told us his son had three young kids and now he'll have to be a father to them like he was to his son.

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