Thousands gather for San Francisco's Chinese New Year parade

February 23, 2013 7:33:42 PM PST
Thousands gathered in San Francisco Saturday for the annual Chinese New Year parade. At one point you could see a line of spectators about five people deep along the parade route, with some on their tippy toes trying to get a look at the spectacle.

Though a traditional Chinese dragon was among the first to take the streets at the head of the parade, we just wrapped up the Year of the Dragon. This Chinese New Year parade celebrates the kick off the Year of the Snake.

Dance troupes, marching bands, and floats were among the 100 different groups participating in this parade, making it among the biggest of its kind.

People from around the world come here to watch this event.

The parade zigzagged through downtown area, headed over to Union Square, then wrapped up in Chinatown.