Police fatally shoot suspect after chase from Daly City to SF


"It's a scary to think about it," resident Dimitar Filipov said. "I haven't been out. This is the first time I'm out this morning."

Filipov lives about 40 yards from where San Francisco and Daly City police stopped a man driving a stolen vehicle. He says he heard gunshots at about 12:30 am.

"We were in bed and all of a sudden I hear four or five shots, and woke me up," Filipov said.

Evidence numbers mark the spots where shell casings fell on Hester Avenue behind the Bayside Cafe. Police told us that the chase, which ended in a suspect being shot to death, started in Daly City early Saturday morning.

Police say the stolen car was spotted on John Daly Boulevard and Santa Barbara Avenue. Daly City police began a pursuit that took them on Highway 280. They gave up the chase as they hit Highway 101.

By phone, San Francisco police Officer Carlos Manfredi talked about what happened next, "SFPD officers observed the vehicle on southbound San Bruno Avenue and followed behind it," he said.

The two suspects stopped the car on Hester Avenue. Police say the passenger surrendered but the driver, who had been seen with a gun, ran away.

"Who then raised the gun at the officers," Officer Manfredi said. "The Daly City police officer, fearing for his life, then discharged his firearm at the suspect."

According to Manfredi, the man died from a gunshot to the torso.

"It's not something that we're used to around here," Filipov said. "And we definitely don't want something like this to happen here."

Offiicals have not released the identity of the driver or the passenger.

A San Francisco police officer was injured when the suspect's car rolled into the officer's vehicle as he was getting out.

Police are asking anyone with information to give them a call.

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