President Obama urges Congress to reverse sequester cuts

March 2, 2013 12:41:59 PM PST
President Obama is calling on Congress to take action to reverse the sequester cuts. In his weekly address, the president says since not everyone will feel the impact of the federal spending cuts right away, there's still time for Congress to come up with a plan.

The president says both sides just need to compromise. "Here's the thing, none of this is necessary. It's happening because Republicans in Congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit. Just this week they decided that protecting special interest tax breaks for the well-off and well-connected is more important than protecting our military and middle-class families from these cuts."

For the Republicans, Washington state congresswoman Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers says the House sent alternatives to the Senate, but senators never acted on them. She says the GOP has "shown that these choices can be made in a responsible, thoughtful way."