Arrest made in Daly City crash that killed three


"It's supposed to be at least 25 miles for a school zone, but they're coming down, you can tell I mean, look at them, you know, that's not 25, they're totally speeding," Daly City resident Annjulie Docena said.

Neighbors who live along Eastmoor Avenue watch a constant parade of speeding cars. They're convinced speed was at least partially to blame for the violent accident.

Tatiana Docena dropped by the street-side tribute to the three victims of Saturday's horrific collision. She grew up with Josue Osorio, the family's 14-year-old.

"He was real good at soccer and he was really smart; he had honor roll classes and he tried his best because he wanted to go to college," she said.

The accident happened shortly after 8 p.m. Saturday night on the 100 block of Eastmoore Avenue, not far from the exit on Highway 280. Police aren't giving out much information about the collision, just that two cars were involved. The one that carried Josue and three others was apparently broadsided by the other car. Josue, his older brother Amado and their mother Josefa Osorio all died at the scene. Amado's girlfriend Sarah Sangraw was injured. She was taken to a local hospital and remains in critical condition.

The car that police say struck their vehicle was driven by Sunnyvale resident Denis Macedo. He was not injured.

Investigators say Macedo hit another car on Eastmoore Avenue just before he plowed into the Osorio's vehicle. The driver of that car was not hurt.

After their investigation, Daly City police arrested and charged Macedo with homicide.

"I'm sure there's some type of negligence speed, maybe some type of alcohol, something of that nature," Daly City Police Sgt. Mike Barton said.

Josue was a freshman at Westmoor High School. Amado graduated five years ago. Principal Allan Reyes knew Amado well. He says he was an affable young man.

"He was excellent in auto shop and after he graduated, he would come by the auto shop class and just say hello to the teachers and kids," Reyes said.

Police say Tuesday they intend to bring the case to the district attorney.

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