Facebook post helps adopted woman find birth family


Paula O'Brien shared an article on Facebook about adoption and a date her family never forgot -- the day her very first niece was born and put up for adoption.

Abbey Donohoe happened to see O'Brien's post and couldn't believe it. She was adopted and that same date, September 19, was her birthday.

She immediately sent Paula a private message. The two had actually known each other for four years but didn't know that Paula was Abbey's aunt.

"I had done theater in the area, she's done theater in the area, so we knew a lot of the same people and we'd met through mutual friends," Paula said. "And in fact, I think it was one of the first times we met we were at a party and people were joking that we looked alike and we just thought it was funny.

Abbey added, "It was like, just a coincidence that we kinda looked like each other."

"We have the same chin," exclaimed Paula.

Paula's brother was Abbey's birth father. She says she's never forgotten the baby given up for adoption three decades ago. They observed her birthday for years.

Paula has told her brother about Abbey and he's excited. Coincidentally, six weeks ago he had just told his three children they had an older half-sister.

Abbey's birth mother lives on the West Coast. She's been informed of the connection, but isn't commenting just yet.

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