School won't let mom make child wear 'I steal' shirt

Jessica Rocha was having problems with her two kids. Eight -year-old Aurora couldn't stop stealing things and 9-year-old Xavier, was being a bully.

Rocha says she tried everything to get her kids to behave, but nothing worked. So she sent Aurora to school wearing a t-shirt labeled "I steal" and planned to have Zavier wear one saying "I'm a bully."

"We are trying to parent at home, so they don't end up in foster care," Rocha said. "So, they don't end up in jail, so they don't end up in prison later on. I am trying to be proactive in their school life as well as their home life."

Aurora wore the shirt to school, and officials immediately told her to cover up. Officials said it was demeaning.

Rocha claims the t-shirt punishment worked, saying Aurora has stopped stealing. She says the school is over-stepping its bounds, but isn't saying if she plans to do anything about it.

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