Registered sex offender rides bus with SJ students

SAN JOSE, Calif.

This happened on Feb. 13th during a field trip to De Anza College. Students from Andrew Hill High School and Silver Creek High School traveled on buses to the college, and the sex offender was on the bus with the Andrew Hill students.

A viewer alerted us to the situation and we are waiting to hear back from school officials. However, we managed to get a copy of the letter that went out to parents on Wednesday.

It says: "A registered sex offender who was not authorized to be on the District's bus" apparently knew a district volunteer on the trip and rode the bus back to Andrew Hill High School. But "he did not have contact of any kind with any student that day."

Registered sex offenders are not allowed to be on school property or come in contact with underage students and now the San Jose Police Department has confirmed to us that it's investigating the incident.

Again, the Eastside Union School District says no inappropriate conduct took place during that trip, however a serious violation of school policy has taken place.

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