Public gets first peek at San Francisco Zoo's new tiger cub


The cub is just 5-weeks-old and is thriving under her mom "Leanne's" care. She was born February 10 and just had her first exam by the zoo's veterinary staff. That's how her gender was determined.

The little one will make her first public appearances Saturday and Sunday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. in the zoo's Lion House. During this period the zoo is asking the public to adhere to the following guidelines:

Etiquette while in the Lion House:

* Keep voices low; walk and stand quietly.
* Follow the instructions of Zoo animal staff and security.
* Remain behind the provided barriers.
* If the cub and Leanne are in their nest box, feel free to watch their activity (mostly sleeping and nursing) on the live video feed that has been provided in the Lion House; do not make noises to attempt to wake them or disturb them.
* The Zoo provides no guarantee that Leanne and the cub will be on view during these hours.
* The Zoo reserves the right to close the Lion House at any time in order to provide a safe and peaceful environment for Leanne and the cub.

The cub's naming rights will be front and center at the zoo's annual fundraiser, ZooFest, which takes place on May 11.

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