Girl shot in leg with arrow home from hospital, talking about incident


An x-ray shows how the arrow went all the way through 8-year-old Nadine Hairston's leg.

"I didn't know where it came from, so it was really strange to have an arrow in my leg," she said. "It hurt really bad."

Nadine was on a class field trip Tuesday at the Lawrence Hall of science. She was playing on the whale replica when UC Berkeley police say she was shot by the arrow from a crossbow.

"I don't know if they were aiming for me or the whale," Nadine said.

Police don't know either. A search of the area found similar arrows in the surrounding hills, but authorities don't know if they're linked to Nadine's case.

Doctors removed the arrow, which missed vital arteries. Through it all Nadine stayed calm, singing songs with her teacher.

"I was in the ambulance singing Taylor Swift," she said. "It helped a lot."

Nadine's mom is proud her daughter was so brave. Nadine hopes police catch whoever shot the arrow.

"Yeah, because it wasn't nice at all," she said.

Anyone information is encouraged to call UC Berkeley police. Nadine will return to school on Thursday.

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