Police ID suspect in wild car crash, attack at SJ Walmart

SAN JOSE, Calif.

It was just after 11:15 a.m. when the red Oldsmobile Cutlass sped around the parking lot several times, careening into cars before driving onto the sidewalk and crashing through the front doors.

Witnesses described a wild scene inside as customers panicked and ran for the exits.

Zaid allegedly climbed out of the cutlass and armed with a pole or a metal rod he hit the first man who approached him. The victim was a store employee who suffered a serious wound to the head.

Cellphone video shows how customers inside the store took down Zaid and held him until police arrived.

The incident was very much out of character, according to Zaid's mother. She said she and other family members are still trying to digest what happened.

Zaid is facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon and being under the influence of drugs as well as resisting arrest. He is being held without bail in Santa Clara County jail and is scheduled to make his first court appearance Tuesday.

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