Off-duty paramedic injured in Oakland shooting, crash


It all happened in the Oakland Hills on Tuesday at Keller Avenue and Hansom Drive. Authorities confirmed the paramedic's name is Quinn Boyer and are still trying to figure out exactly why he was shot. They believe some kind of robbery took place just before noon.

The victim's blue Honda plunged into a ravine off Keller Avenue. Police believe the victim was stopped at an intersection when a man in a brown car got out and shot Boyer twice. At least one bullet struck him in the head. The off-duty paramedic, hit the gas, jumped the median strip, took out a tree and drove off into the ravine.

Santa Clara County Ambulance says Boyer has worked with them for the past two years.

"We are trained to handle emergency situations on a daily basis and be able to separate ourselves. But when it's one of our brothers that are out there, that are impacted during one of these horrible situations, we find ourselves not only pulled on our emotional strings, but it pulls us physically in every possible way as well," said Brian Hubbell from Santa Clara County Ambulance.

Police say Boyer's paramedic equipment was found in his car. So far police have not provided a description of the suspect and its unknown if he was with any other people. This happened in a part of Oakland that doesn't usually see these types of crimes.

Several family members were waiting outside the intensive care unit at Highland Hospital Tuesday evening. Boyer is in critical condition.

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