2-year-old boy injured in crash caused by I-880 sideshow


Corey Abrams is in the intensive care unit at the Kaiser in Oakland. He had disc fusion surgery on his neck this past Wednesday. His injuries stem from a crash that happened when his mother stopped on the freeway because of an illegal sideshow.

The family car was rear-ended by a big rig. Corey's mother, Jasmine Glenn, was driving while he and his grandmother were in the backseat. They were on I-880 south in San Leandro on March 20 when someone started doing donuts on the freeway. Corey's mother, as well as several others, came to a complete stop. But the big rig did not.

"After the big rig hit us we spinned out of control and then we ended up hitting another car and after stopped we were the facing the oncoming traffic," Jasmine said. "And I got out by climbing through the back door on the driver's side and Good Samaritans came and helped us out and everything."

The night of the sideshow, Corey was rushed to Kaiser in Hayward because he was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. This week he was taken to Kaiser in Oakland to have surgery because of a broken neck.

Doctors say Corey will have to stay at the hospital until he is able to walk on his own and will have to wear a brace for three months

The big rig driver has not been cited. Police also have no leads on the driver involved in the sideshow.

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