Co-ed sexually assaulted at Saint Mary's College

MORAGA, Calif.

Students were notified about the assault Tuesday by email, as police continued their search for the suspect. "First and foremost, campus safety is our priority. I want to make sure everyone on our college campus understands that," Saint Mary's College spokesman Mike McAlpin told ABC7 News.

Campus officials are trying to calm the nerves of students in the wake of the attack which happened Saturday at a residence hall on the west side of campus. "As I understand it, the young lady met a gentleman somewhere off campus. They came back to the campus at some time early in the morning on Saturday morning. An assault or a battery occurred," McAlpin said.

Police say the suspect was not a Saint Mary's student. He's described as a white male, 21-years-old, 6'1", with medium build, brown hair, and blue eyes.

Students Alyssa Horning and Erin Burke got the campus alert email about the attack but say they're not fearful. "I feel like it's really safe, so if you put yourself in the wrong situation, I feel like that can happen," Burke said.

"If you try to be safe and keep your friends in the loop about what's going on, people will look out for you," Horning added.

Residence halls on campus have curfews and some restrictions for guests, but officials say those safeguards may not have helped prevent this assault. "This was an incident of someone being invited into your home or your room and then violating that trust," McAlpin said.

The victim is recovering after being treated at a hospital. Moraga police are investigating, but would like to hear from anyone who may have other information about the assault.

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